Overview: Sports and Touring Car racing

The world of automobile road racing is generally divided into two areas: open-wheel or formula cars; and closed-wheel (and usually, though not always, roofed – hence the moniker “tin-top”) sports and touring cars, often based upon production vehicles. Prototypes The world’s foremost sports car racing series is the FIA World […]

Arduino GPS datalogger

Data logging and data analysis are valuable tools for improving your driving skills. There are, of course, several commercial solutions out there, but I nevertheless decided to make my own Arduino-based data logger. It’s completely open source, so you can easily build your own. I used the following components, sourced […]

Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S

History Toyota is no stranger to sporty rear-wheel drive cars. It started with the 2000 GT, a rare and sought-after classic that was even driven by James Bond. Later, there were various versions of the Celica and Supra, and of course the mid-engined MR2. Most iconic is maybe the AE86, […]

Porsche Boxster

History When production of the unsuccessful 968 ended in 1995, Porsche was briefly without a second cheaper model positioned below the 911. This changed in 1996 with the introduction of the Boxster. Porsche made the smart move of making use the rebirth of the roadster (caused largely by the Maxda […]

ShiftLights for iRacing

With the proper field of view set, it can be difficult to see the rev counter/shift lights in some cars. I experienced this with e.g. the Skippy and the Spec Racer Ford. My solution was to write a small program based on the iRacingSdkWrapper that displays revs, gear, and a […]