iRacing with the Oculus Rift S

A couple of weeks ago, my wife gifted me a 90 minute session at Racing Hub Utrecht. This provided me with the opportunity to both try triple screens and VR. While I felt that I couldn’t make full use of the wider field of view provided by triples, a 15 […]

How to achieve competition in racing

One of the biggest challenges in racing is achieving good competition. Many race series have seen eras in which a single team or car dominated, leading to boring racing. Broadly speaking, there are three ways that can be followed to try to achieve this. Regulations Probably the most common method. […]

Overview: Sports and Touring Car racing

The world of automobile road racing is generally divided into two areas: open-wheel or formula cars; and closed-wheel (and usually, though not always, roofed – hence the moniker “tin-top”) sports and touring cars, often based upon production vehicles. Prototypes The world’s foremost sports car racing series is the FIA World […]

Arduino GPS datalogger

Data logging and data analysis are valuable tools for improving your driving skills. There are, of course, several commercial solutions out there, but I nevertheless decided to make my own Arduino-based data logger. It’s completely open source, so you can easily build your own. I used the following components, sourced […]

Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S

History Toyota is no stranger to sporty rear-wheel drive cars. It started with the 2000 GT, a rare and sought-after classic that was even driven by James Bond. Later, there were various versions of the Celica and Supra, and of course the mid-engined MR2. Most iconic is maybe the AE86, […]