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Arduino GPS datalogger

Data logging and data analysis are valuable tools for improving your driving skills. There are, of course, several commercial solutions out there, but I nevertheless decided to make my own Arduino-based data logger. It’s completely open source, so you can easily build your own. I used the following components, sourced […]


Car suspension is a complex field. Generally speaking, the goal of the suspension setup is to minimize load transfer (or at least influence it in a positive way) and maintain contact between the tires and the road surface. Several components are involved and can be modified. Bushings Road cars usually […]


There are two aspects of wheels that are important: diameter and weight. Diameter There was a time when 16″ wheels were large, but these days that’s a standard size on pretty much anything. 19″ and larger with tires with rather low walls are quite common now. This might lead one […]


Tyres are the interface between car and track and, besides brakes, the most important thing on a car. Tyre types I differentiate between four different tyre types that can be considered suitable for a tracktool: Standard summer tyres. The best choice for the wet and a decent choice for a […]


Brakes are the most important thing on a tracktool. I consider even tyres less important – poor tyres will slow you down, but failing brakes can get you killed. A misconception is that “bigger is better”. Sure, you can fit Porsche brakes to your Clio, but is it necessary? If […]