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Choosing a car

You have decided to build a tracktool and considered a number of things. Chances are that by now you have a solid picture of what your requirements are. You probably also have an idea of which car you want, but here are a few points that might help you in […]

Things to consider

So you have decided to build a tracktool? Here are a few things to consider before you buy a car and start upgrading it. Dual use Not everybody has the luxury of buying, maintaining and paying for a car that will be exclusively used on the track. Chances are you […]

What is a tracktool?

My definition of a tracktool is a street car modified for use on race tracks. This distinguishes a tracktool from a race car, which is purpose-built only for competition use on tracks. Tracktools are usually meant for use during track days and other events on race tracks, such as the […]