iRacing 2021 season 4 news

iRacing’s season 4 has just started, and with the update came a lot of new features. Here are the highlights:

  • The Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 replaces the old 488 as GT3 car.
  • As has been announced some time ago, the new 992-model Porsche GT3 Cup is available now and will be used for the Porsche iRacing Cup series.
  • The Hungaroring is the latest addition to iRacing’s selection of road tracks.
  • Hickory Motor Speedway is a new oval track.
  • The Spec Racer Ford and Street Stock have had an art overhaul and now use the New Damage Model.
  • All GT3 cars have had changes to tires, clutch wear, and other settings.

In the first patch, the colors were changed to have less of a yellow hue, and Road Atlanta got new buildings and night lighting. Before the main season 4 release, the Mt. Washington hillclimb track was released.

The main news to me is the release of the 992 Cup, as the 991 was one of my favorite cars. The 992 is similar, but easier to drive. The big news here is that iRacing has added a new series, a fixed-setup Porsche Cup. This means that you can now drive the Porsche Cup car every hour, as the fixed and open setup races are both at 45 minutes past the hour, offset by an hour. In week 1, the fixed series had better participation than the open series.

After doing the SL-PCC and the Michelin Pilot Challenge last season, my plan is to focus on the Skippy (schedule aligns well with my owned tracks, and it’s a fun car to drive) and the Porsche GT3 Cup. I might do the occasional race in the Advanced Mazda Cup on tracks that I like.

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