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Brakes are the most important thing on a tracktool. I consider even tyres less important – poor tyres will slow you down, but failing brakes can get you killed. A misconception is that “bigger is better”. Sure, you can fit Porsche brakes to your Clio, but is it necessary? If […]

BMW 3 series (E36)

History The E36 was introduced in 1991. It was a major step forward compared to the E30 with a completely new body, covered headlights, and much improved aerodynamics. The six-cylinders were all-new, too: The 24 valve M50 was available as 2.0l 320i with 150hp and 2.5l 325i with 192hp. The […]

Nissan 350Z

History Nissan’s Z range of coup├ęs reaches back to the 1970s 240Z. The 350Z was introduced in late 2002. It has a naturally-aspirated 3.5l V6 with 280hp and, very importantly, rear-wheel drive. A roadster was introduced in 2003. Production ended in 2009 upon replacement by the 370Z. Pros Quite powerful […]

Renault Clio II RS

History The Clio II RS was built from 2000 to 2005. It was sold with two different 2.0l 16-valve engines. From 2000 to 2003, the engine produced 169 hp (this model is known in the UK as 172), for the last two years of production this was increased to 180 […]