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iRacing track buying guide

iRacing has been criticized for the amount of money you need to spend for racing there. Besides the monthly fee (which amounts to a couple of €/$ per month, if you make use of the one-year or two-year Black Friday offers), buying tracks is the largest expenditure. A track costs […]

iRacing with the Oculus Rift S

A couple of weeks ago, my wife gifted me a 90 minute session at Racing Hub Utrecht. This provided me with the opportunity to both try triple screens and VR. While I felt that I couldn’t make full use of the wider field of view provided by triples, a 15 […]

ShiftLights for iRacing

With the proper field of view set, it can be difficult to see the rev counter/shift lights in some cars. I experienced this with e.g. the Skippy and the Spec Racer Ford. My solution was to write a small program based on the iRacingSdkWrapper that displays revs, gear, and a […]

Sim Racing hardware

This is a guide to hardware for Sim Racing and specifically iRacing. Steering wheel The steering wheel is a very important part of your hardware setup. Not only is it used for steering input, but the force feedback is used to communicate about the car to replace the “seat-of-pants feeling” […]