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Trading Paints

While iRacing allows some in-game customization of a car’s paint job, you are limited to various patterns and three colors. There is however a way to run custom paint jobs on your cars: Trading Paints. It’s a program that you run alongside iRacing. It downloads custom textures for all the […]

Getting started with iRacing

After testing various racing simulations, I realized that what I enjoyed the most is the competition against real people. This made iRacing the natural choice. I want to share some of the knowledge that I have gained. My focus, and as such the focus of this article, is on road […]

Racing simulators

Nothing beats driving a real car on a real track, but lets be honest: owning and running a tracktool is expensive, and most of us don’t have a race track in their backyard. So what can you do to get your track fix when a real track is not an […]