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iRacing track buying guide

iRacing has been criticized for the amount of money you need to spend for racing there. Besides the monthly fee (which amounts to a couple of €/$ per month, if you make use of the one-year or two-year Black Friday offers), buying tracks is the largest expenditure. A track costs […]

iRacing with the Oculus Rift S

A couple of weeks ago, my wife gifted me a 90 minute session at Racing Hub Utrecht. This provided me with the opportunity to both try triple screens and VR. While I felt that I couldn’t make full use of the wider field of view provided by triples, a 15 […]

ShiftLights for iRacing

With the proper field of view set, it can be difficult to see the rev counter/shift lights in some cars. I experienced this with e.g. the Skippy and the Spec Racer Ford. My solution was to write a small program based on the iRacingSdkWrapper that displays revs, gear, and a […]

Sim Racing hardware

This is a guide to hardware for Sim Racing and specifically iRacing. Steering wheel The steering wheel is a very important part of your hardware setup. Not only is it used for steering input, but the force feedback is used to communicate about the car to replace the “seat-of-pants feeling” […]

Virtual Racing School

Ask on the iRacing forums or on Reddit how to improve your driving and become faster, and chances are you’ll get Virtual Racing School as reply. Virtual Racing School is an online service for data analysis. It uses the telemetry functionality of iRacing. A windows program logs the telemetry data […]