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Trading Paints

While iRacing allows some in-game customization of a car’s paint job, you are limited to various patterns and three colors. There is however a way to run custom paint jobs on your cars: Trading Paints. It’s a program that you run alongside iRacing. It downloads custom textures for all the […]

Getting started with iRacing

After testing various racing simulations, I realized that what I enjoyed the most is the competition against real people. This made iRacing the natural choice. I want to share some of the knowledge that I have gained. My focus, and as such the focus of this article, is on road […]

Mazda MX-5 Miata

History The Mazda MX-5 (known as Miata in the United States) can be credited with starting the rebirth of the classic small two-seat roadster. By the time of its introduction in 1989, the British roadsters by brands such as MG and Triumph were no longer in production. The Mercedes-Benz R129 […]


Zandvoort is one of two permanent race tracks in the Netherlands. The history of the track starts shortly after World War II. From 1952 to 1985 the Grand Prix of the Netherlands was run at Zandvoort. Zandvoort will return to the Formula 1 calendar in 2020. The track Zandvoort has […]

Racing simulators

Nothing beats driving a real car on a real track, but lets be honest: owning and running a tracktool is expensive, and most of us don’t have a race track in their backyard. So what can you do to get your track fix when a real track is not an […]